Opening Hours

Daily pm1:00~pm 8:30, Closed for Sunday and Holiday




16, Supung-ro, Suji-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

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SeaWater Swimming Pool

Swimming is a typical exercise sport in the water, and it is a sport that can not strain (gravity-filtration) joints and muscles, and allows you to develop muscle strength and flexibility.

SK junior Knights Big&tall Basketball club

Enjoy your stress and enjoy the fun of playing basketball and having the best effect on your favorite KIKLI.

SK junior Knights Big&tall Basketball club

KIKLI, a key basketball player in the world, is not only learning to play basketball, but it is not only about learning, but also training, physical fitness training, leadership training, and events.

CHILD SPORTS 6~7 years old

Infant development program

Physical Education Class

This is a class where you can experience various sports.(Girl’s Sports)

Inline skating

Enjoying the fun of moving forward with fun.

Seasonal sports

Try to challenge yourself for the rafting in the hot summer.
Winter sports! Ski & Snow board


The KIKLI is a 992㎡ daycare center dedicated to children, infants and children, who can learn and enjoy various sports.
It is operated by the sea water of children swimming pool, youth farm basketball, life gymnasium, and daycare center, and is taking classes using suitable tools for children's bodies.
In order to foster children's correct physical and professional achievements, we study systematically and develop leadership training programs in order to foster leadership or social skills. Through group activities, you learn teamwork and order, and cultivate more caring for others than I do.
The goal is to focus on children who need to know what to do and what they shouldn't do, and grow into children with reasonable thinking.