Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I am absent from my child's class, will I be given a supplementary class?
    I would like you to complete all the schedules,
    We are limited to children who are sick and submit a medical certificate.
    Please note that the car is not available for supplementary classes.
    Thank you for your understanding that I can not complete my personal circumstances.
  • When is the registration period for the kids' sports center?
    The re-enrollment period for the kids' sports center is 20 to 25 days,
    The new registration period is from the 26th to the last day.
    You can register at any time if the shuttle and class progress are met.
    After 25th, it is difficult to accept or change classes due to vehicle assignment and placement.
    Please refer to it.
  • Why would you like to learn to swim?
    Why is it good?
    Swimming develops the child's muscles and joints in a well-balanced way, enhances equilibrium sensation, body coordination,
    It also fosters lung capacity and cardiopulmonary endurance and helps the development of the circulatory system.
    In addition, it stimulates the temperature difference by going in and out of the water and develops the ability to regulate body temperature.
  • May I start swimming at the age of five?
    Swimming is a movement that can start from three months of age.
    But until about 36 months, the meaning of the water is much stronger than the meaning of sports.
    By the age of 5, you will be able to learn the basics of swimming.
    So swimming to 5-year-olds is a very good exercise.

    Swimming with immune-boosting

    Infant swimming is common these days so that there are no children who can not swim.
    Ji Sang-bong, a spokesperson for Star Sport, advises that the earlier swimming starts, the better the water resistance is.
    In addition, swim is free to use the muscles of the whole body, so it is a great sport for the development of muscle development.
  • Can my child be young (5 ~ 6 years old) and exercise?
    Up to 12 years of age, 90% of the body movements using large muscles are completed.
    And about 80 percent of the body's ability to adjust muscles using a sophisticated body is completed by the age of 12.
    Therefore, we developed the creativity through the exercise program to develop the large muscles of the human body evenly, help improve curriculum learning, and improve concentration and control.
  • Why is exercise good?
    Children will feel fulfilled and satisfied through play or physical activity.
    Through exercise, it creates a new challenge and enthusiastic and active attitude.
    And the exercise relieves the stress of desire, dissatisfaction, learning needs.
    From a young age, children with excellent athletic performance will demonstrate leadership in peer groups.
    When you meet the desire to be socially recognized in such a role, you will gradually gain confidence.
  • What is the class structure that you can learn from Kikli?
    The Kikli children's sports center has a seawater pool, a juvenile basketball court,
    There are 4 classes for infant athletics. There are swimming, basketball, broadcast dancing, green class (infant physical education development program) and in-line classes.
  • I want to exercise, but is there any obstacle to my study?
    In order to promote proper body building and development of children,
    We are directly researching and directing professional programs,
    Leadership trails are also conducted during classes to help you develop leadership and social skills.
    If you develop a positive attitude and concentration while saying the right exercise
    We can also develop efficient and active learning habits.
    Even if you study short time, the concentration effect will double the learning effect.
  • Is there a risk that children will be injured during class?
    Safety equipments such as mats and cushions are fully equipped and there is little risk of safety accidents as the lessons are supervised by professional teachers.