The KIKLI is a 992㎡ daycare center dedicated to children, infants and children, who can learn and enjoy various sports.
It is operated by the sea water of children swimming pool, youth farm basketball, life gymnasium, and daycare center, and is taking classes using suitable tools for children's bodies.

In order to foster children's correct physical and professional achievements, we study systematically and develop leadership training programs in order to foster leadership or social skills. Through group activities, you learn teamwork and order, and cultivate more caring for others than I do.

The goal is to focus on children who need to know what to do and what they shouldn't do, and grow into children with reasonable thinking. I will also strive to be a key player who can help children grow up to speed up growth by focusing on the movement needed for growth.

I'm not sure yet, but I'm going to show you the attention of the members of the team.